The Herbs - The Other Side 1994
JK-Drums, Dean Howard-Guitars, Russ Kenedy- Bass & Stick, Jim Riley-Vox & Harp.
Written & Produced by The Herbs.
69 Daze - What’s a life? 1993
JK-Drums, Kris Dollimore-Guitar, Steve Smile-Bass.
Jim Riley-Vox & Harp.
Written by 69 Daze.
Produced by John Brough & 
69 Daze.
The House of Idiot - Idiot with a keyboard (part.1) 1993
Written, played and produced by JK & Paul Travers.
Featuring the late great Viv Stanshall.
Pacific - The Diceman  1997
JK-Drums, programming, BV’s
John McGeoch-Guitars, BV’s
Clive Farrington-Vox
Written by Keeble & McGeoch
Produced by JK
Ollie Childs - Somebody said to me  1999
Written by Ollie Childs
Produced by JK
Green - I Play Rock  2005
JK-Drums & Vox 
Richie Barratt-Guitar & Vox
Chris Paulo Dale-Bass & Vox
Written by I Play Rock
Produced by John Brough &
I Play Rock